Benefits for Education


Games bring together ways of knowing, ways of doing, ways of being, and ways of caring: the situated understandings, effective social practices, powerful identities, and shared values that make someone an expert. (Shaffer, D. W., Squire, K. R., Halverson, R., & Gee, J. P., December 2004)


Through MMORPG play students can

  • be motivated to learn (Johnson, 2012)

  • develop social and communication skills

  • learn to work with “distributed knowledge” (Schell, 2008)

  • develops patience and resilience (McGonigal, 2011)

  • practice strategy, logic, and problem solving (Johnson, 2012)

  • learn content (Johnson, 2012)

  • build reading and math skills (Johnson, 2012)

  • develop research skills when students are looking for information about game strategies or solutions to puzzles/problems (Johnson, 2012)

  • develop a positive association with school (Johnson, 2012)


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