Our Experiences in MMORPG


Mary Healy:

"As a newbie to the world of MMORPGs, I found World of Warcraft a challenge.  Although I enjoyed creating my avatar, I had difficulty making her move on screen.  I thought the mouse was the tool to use to move throughout the game; however, I found out from my 11-year-old son that the “w” key means “walk” in most games.  Without advice like that, I never would have figured out how to progress.  What I like the most about WoW is the graphics and music.  I felt as if I were in another world."


Antoinette Pinder-Darling:

"World of WarCraft, a complex game title, which is currently being used by tens of millions of individuals and up until this course I had never been exposed to this game. My first instinct was I wonder whether this would be a simple or complex game but to my surprise I enjoyed taking on the role of hero. As a player, I was not forced to invest so many hours in the game to have fun.  WoW has a story element and features a faster style of play than Mortal Combat and with an emphasis on combat and tactics against multiple players. The free version was  downloaded and the musical features were truly enjoyable as was described by my other classmates. Games are motivational, I am now a tried and proven disciple. "


Deborah Nagler:

"Playing a commercial MMORPG, like World of WarCraft, is truly an immersive experience. One of the first things that I noticed was the music. As soon as the game opened, my entire screen filled with the image of an exotic land. I heard as much as saw this because the soundtrack was loud, melodic, and had a booming bass quality about it. The introductory video featured a fight between two extremely powerful characters that is resolved by the intervention of an even more powerful, but somehow mystical Panda warrior. The message was clear. To play WoW is to fight, but to win requires more than just strength. "

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